Beginning of a journey

New Jersey, USA

After taking a significant break from music, I decided to give it another swing. Inspired by family and friends, various music genres over time, thus the album/EP  "Better Now or Never" was created. 

Special shout out to Les Lovell (The Music Factory), Alan Douches (West West Side Music), and Suzanne Freeman (Bellemore Photography).  Much appreciation to Deepa George and Thomas Verghese for a wonderful collaboration and being my sounding board on this project.

Also special thanks to George John, Gina Royale, and many more for your support and guidance. As always, Thank God Almighty for making this possible for me.


  • See Clearly

  • Enjoy The Show

  • Dream (featuring Deepa George & Tom Verghese)

  • Takers Or Give

  • Tribute

  • Good Moment 

  • Soul Survive 

  • No Goodbyes 

  • All The Same 

  • Beyond (Instrumental)

"Good Moment"

Available in mp3